LIPIEMCO | Lexmark International Philippines Inc. Employees Cooperative
Your friendly cooperative that is open to all Filipinos.
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Message from the Chairman

Dear Fellow Cooperators,


Holiday Greetings!


It will not be long before we formally close the year 2019.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members for their continued patronage and unwavering support to LIPIEMCO.  Our strength comes from members who do their part in nurturing and fueling our growth.  To the officers and staff, my sincerest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for all your dedication, perseverance and hard work in furthering the stability and advancing the best interests of our cooperative.


This holiday season, let us take the time to acknowledge all the blessings and grace we have received throughout the year.  I feel confident that the significant strides we made this year will put LIPIEMCO strongly poised for the years ahead.


I wish you, your families and loved ones a blessed and joyous holidays and a brighter and bountiful 2020!



Merry Christmas!



Sandee Pilayre

Chairman, Board of Directors

Sandee D. Pilayre

Chairman, Board of Directors

Message from the Manager

Dear Fellow Cooperators,


Yuletide Greetings!


As we are heading towards the end of the year 2019, it’s good to look forward about what the next year might unfold.


But first, let us take a quick look back. This year has been filled with multitude of challenges and developments. It’s reassuring to see how we’ve rise, facing every roadblock, and came out stronger. 2019 has taught us to anticipate new opportunities and embrace changes.


I would take this opportunity to thank all of you, our fellow cooperators, for the tremendous contributions towards the growth and success of our cooperative. Lipiemco’s success is based on the relationship we have built over the years and we wouldn’t be where we are without all of you. Thank you for all your unending support and excellent cooperation to Lipiemco. To the officers and staff who strive hard to put Lipiemco at the heart of everything, my sincerest gratitude to all of you.


There will be new challenges ahead but I am confident that we will be able to embrace it and be able to adapt quickly.


Best wishes and happiness to you and your families over the festive season. We look forward to a successful 2020 working together!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!



Renante A. Desamparado

General Manager

Renante A. Desamparado

General Manager

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