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Message from the Chairperson

March 20, 2020

Dear Fellow Cooperators,

Greetings of peace, good health and safety!

The current COVID-19 emergency has put us in a situation we’ve never been before.  And we are responding to it as best we can.  In the last two weeks, our management and staff has done a tremendous job so that the dividends and patronage refund can be released earlier than we have originally communicated.  And we have achieved that.  Releases by batch started the evening of March 19 and will be completed by Saturday, March 21.  Members with registered Unionbank and BPI accounts will receive them in their respective bank accounts.  Otherwise, amounts will be credited to your regular savings account with LIPIEMCO.

Our 2019 financial performance delivered positive results. The interest rate for paid up share capital is 6.54% and the corresponding patronage refund is 13.08%.  The actions we took last year have been effective in achieving this.  You will see the full details in the joint BOD and management report which we will post through the Member’s Portal on the 30th.

With the ongoing crisis, we are already making some temporary adjustments to our business processes to help mitigate the effect to our members.  We will also take necessary actions to soften the impact to our business. As always, we will get through this as long as we stay united and will continue to support our cooperative.  The officers, management and staff will continue to cater to your needs as best we can, in this challenging time.  We will keep you updated of changes to business operations through our website and Facebook page.

Stay safe, everyone.


Sandee Pilayre

Chairperson, Board of Directors

Sandee D. Pilayre

Chairperson, Board of Directors

Message from the General Manager

Dear Fellow Cooperators,

Wishing you all in good health!It is indeed challenging for us as we go along the journey of year 2019. Our operations for the year banged an enormous result that it almost levels back to the previous yearly dividend and patronage refund sharing. Amid the challenges and crisis our country is facing – the eruption of Taal Volcano and currently the outbreak of COVID-19, you still showed your unfading support to our coop.

In response to your continued support and commitment in realizing our mission in providing services beneficial to you, our members – we roll out the 15% annual diminishing interest rate to our Providential Loan effective January 1, 2020. This would mean that all Providential Loans granted last January 1 to date will be recomputed to effect the 15% diminishing rate.  Likewise, the maximum loanable amount for Seasonal Loan has been increased from Php 3,000.00 to Php 10,000.00.

Presently, the current COVID-19 outbreak threats not only the lives of all individuals but also their financial stability. To this regard, LIPIEMCO is giving support to all member-borrowers by offering a one-month moratorium on all loan payments, to at least lessen their financial obligation to the cooperative.

Despite of the hazards and threats we are encountering, we are very optimistic to serve you extremely to the best we can in consonance to achieving your topmost level of satisfaction. Perhaps, real gratification is a contribution of two parties – you (as member) and the cooperative. Consequently, we call for your active participation and support that we jointly withstand our vision, mission and cooperative values to sustain the lucrative business operations as we move forward.

Towards the end, we encourage you to stay connected with us via our website, youtube and facebook page to get informed of our latest updates.

Forward LIPIEMCO for greatness!!!


Renante A. Desamparado

General Manager

Renante A. Desamparado

General Manager

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